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2400 Master Clock

2400 Master Clock

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The Telecor 2400 is a full-featured Master Clock that not only provides accurate timekeeping and secondary analog and digital clock correction, but also performs the functions of a sophisticated controller.
Units are available in both wall and rack mount models.

• Accurate Timekeeping Correction for Digital and Analog Clock Network
• Rack or Surface Mount Models
• Advanced Microprocessor Design
• Programmable directly from Front Panel or PC
• 16 Character, Alphanumeric, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
• Menu-Driven Display to Prompt User
• Quick Programming Feature
• Quick Analog Clock Programming
• Programs stored in Non-Volatile Memory
• Programming Enabled through Keyswitch or Software Access Code
• Includes 10 year Battery Backed-Up Real Time Clock
• Automatically Corrects for Power Failure and provides RS-232 notification of Power Failure
• RS-232 Event Logging with Time and Date Stamp
• Built-in Calendar, Automatic Daylight Savings Time, and Holidays
• Optional Modem Link to Synchronize Time with Computerized Timekeeping Services
• 16 Time-Activated Schedules which can be run Simultaneously
• Unlimited number of Events per Schedule
• 10 Relay Zones; Expandable to 16
• Relays may be Latched, Toggled or Set for a Timed Duration
• Over 250 Priority Levels for Relay Control
• Pre-Defined and User Programmable Relay Durations
• 16 User Inputs to activate Features
• Enhanced Messaging for Telecor Digital Clocks
• Clock Messages can be set to Flash, Illuminate Steadily, Scroll or Toggle between 2 Messages
• Over 250 Priority Levels for Control of Clock Messages
• Built-in Self-Diagnostics

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