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WFD and WFDT(NR) Waterflow Detector

WFD and WFDT(NR) Waterflow Detector

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The System Sensor WFD Series Waterflow Detectors are
compatible with Schedule 10 through 40 steel pipe, sizes 2"
through 8" (50.8 mm through 203.2 mm), and can be mounted
in a vertical or horizontal position.
Robust construction. WFD Series detectors are contained in a
rugged, NEMA 4-rated enclosure. Designed for both indoor
and outdoor use, the WFD Series operates across a wide temperature range: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C).
Reliable performance. UL-Listed models are equipped with
tamper-resistant cover screws to prevent unauthorized entry.
Inside, two sets of SPDT (Form-C) synchronized switches are
enclosed in a durable terminal block to assure reliable performance.
False-alarm immunity. WFD Series detectors incorporate a
mechanical retard feature, which minimizes the risk of false
alarm due to pressure surges or air trapped in the sprinkler
system. Additionally, the mechanical retard’s unique sealed
design is immune to dust and other contaminants.
Simplified operation. The WFD Series is designed to simplify
installation. Two conduit openings permit easy attachment to
the local alarm system. The retard mechanism and dual SPDT
switches are field-replaceable



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