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SSM (Samsung Security Manager)

SSM (Samsung Security Manager)

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Samsung Security Manager


SSM is a one-stop management software platform that maximizes the efficiency of Samsung’s network products (including network cameras, encoders, DVRs and NVRs).

The client-server architecture features stable video surveillance system management through multi-site and multi- client configuration.

Access to the live/ recorded videos is extremely easy from remote sites making it suitable for medium to large-scale multi site applications.


• Samsung network solution is the   ideal choice for a total management   system


Samsung Techwin’s video surveillance    products that include network cameras,    encoders, DVRs and NVRs are effortlessly  managed from a single SSM platform.

The SSM is provided free of charge and is ideally suited to optimize the performance  and management of Samsung network products.


• Efficient management via Multi-site & Multi-client configuration

Numerous clients can administer video surveillance products installed across multiple sites. This helps maximize the efficiency of the monitoring system enabling real-time management by the authorized personnel.


• Easy-to-use simple User Interface
Most of the essential functionalities required by users are possible with SSM; including simultaneous monitoring of maps/live images, real-time event monitoring, playback and not forgetting an automatic health check for each device.


• A system that offers flexibility and expandability

Adding new or replacing old devices is an easy process so that they can be changed on demand or on system expansion, using a simple add/replace feature.


• Immediate event management using an   auto event reaction setting

Users can set specific reactions for a certain type of events, this allows for the immediate control of typical events, enhancing the monitoring efficiency.

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