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SSM mobile(Android)

SSM mobile(Android)

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SSM mobile for better safety


SSM mobile indicates a Mobile Client Application in Samsung Security Manager provided by Samsung. With SSM mobile, you can generate more efficient and convenient monitoring environment. Operators possibly monitor, control, and play video images from where they want such as a local or remote area through their smart phones and tablet devices.



• Local/Remote connection to SSM(Samsung

  Security Manager) 
• View Layout/Device list by user 
• View live streaming video with PTZ control 
• Supported format : H.264/MJPEG 
• Video Image Flip/Mirror, Video Image Capture 
• Calendar Search/Playback/Bookmark functions 
• Password function for security 
• Quick & easy access at mobile environment &

  WIFI networks. 
• Compatible with "Dynamic domain naming

   service" (DDNS) 
• Multi-Language


◎ For running the app, Samsung Security Manager

     should be installed in your PC. 
◎ DDNS registration is needed in case of external

     network environment.

◎ This application uses FFmpeg and SDL under

     LGPL v2.1.

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