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NET-i ware

NET-i ware

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64CH Recording Software


• Recording software for Samsung network cameras
  : 16 / 32 / 64 cameras recording package 
are available now

  : Live video monitoring and search/playback of recorded video by CMS software

• Delivers high performance recording

  (Up to 250Mbps)

• Supports various web browser

  : IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox

• Triplex operation performance
  : Recording, Live video transfer,

    Recorded video transfer
• Supports various recording options
  : Continuous recording
  : Event based recording (including Pre/Post alarm

   recording) (Motion detection, I/V detection,

   Video loss, Alarm signal input)
  : Scheduled recording (including Holiday setup)
• Notification in case of event occurring
  : User defined alert sound output
  : E-mail to pre-assigned receiver
  : Notification to monitoring software (CMS)
• Event Log : System, User access, Back up,

   Recording, Motion, Alarm, Video loss, I/V
• Multiple disk allocation and distribution for

   stable recording
• Multi-level user access and authority management
• Multiple Language user interface support
 : English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian,

   Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
• Automatic search of network cameras for quick

  and easy configuration

• Automatic self upgrade

  (by Samsung upgrade server)

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