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iPOLIS mobile(iphone)

iPOLIS mobile(iphone)

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iPOLiS mobile app lets you to view the live video and control pan/tilt/zoom functions, search & playback anywhere with your smartphone if you use Samsung Techwin's security system. iPOLiS mobile is a free application designed specifically for Samsung Techwin's security network product.


 Supported models will be updated

 This application is optimized for iOS 4.3.5, 5.1.1.

 Recommended Smartphone : iPhone 3GS/4
• Recommended Tablet PC : iPad 2

 Recommended settings of a network camera
   - If using Wi-Fi communications : 8fps @ 320x240
   - If using 3G communications : 4fps @ 320x240

 Recommended settings of DVR 
   - If using Wi-Fi communications : 320x240,

     Quality (low)
   - If using 3G communications : 320x240,

     Quality (low)
   * The bandwidth of DVR should be set to

      more than 800Kbps.

  - View live streaming video with PTZ control
  - Supported format : H.264/MJPEG
  - Video Image Flip/Mirror, Video Image Capture
  - Calendar Search/Playback/Bookmark functions

    for DVRs

    (DVRs should be upgraded to new firmware.)
  - Provide the profile selection(N/W), show the

     profile status
  - Password function for security
  - Register up to 32 number of cameras
  - Quick & easy access at mobile environment &

     WIFI networks.
  - Compatible with "Dynamic domain naming

  - Multi-Language


 The entire items are not supported in every

   device. Some items are not supported in certain

 If installing version 2.0, the list of products with

   the old version 1.0 should be registered again

   as new.
 This application uses FFmpeg and SDL under

   LGPL v2.1
 The device can limit the number of users

   depending on network traffic status.

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